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How it Works

How to Purchase a Property

Select a Property

Contact us to reserve the property and pay a deposit.

Sign Agreement

We will then prepare the Purchase Agreement for your review. If you approve just sign and return.

Close on Property

We’ll begin the closing process through a reputable title company to complete the sale.

Once you’ve decided to purchase one of our land parcels, we will prepare a sale agreement for you. Once the agreement is signed it is sent to the title company who will then begin the title search.  A deposit will be due at the time of signing that will be sent directly to the title company. Once the contract is signed and the deposit is paid we will take the property off the market.

The closing will be scheduled as soon as the title company has completed the title work. This can take anywhere from 3 days to 10 days depending, but is an important process for your protection.

When the title work has been completed a date will be scheduled for the closing. You do not need to attend the closing in person although if you prefer to attend in person, that’s fine.  We do remote closings regularly and they are very simple. 

In a remote closing documents are sent to you through email to print and sign. Then all documents are returned to title with the return label that is provided (FedEx or UPS).  At the same time, you will be given wire instructions to send your money to the title company.

It’s that simple.

That’s it!  You are now a new land owner!

Soon after the closing the deed will be mailed to you once it has been recorded

About Us

We love land!!

Clear Sky is a small real estate investment company focused exclusively on vacant land. We are set up to work anywhere in the USA.  Our mission is to align with the best land specialists in the industry so that we can help you.  We work within a network of land partners that help us take care of you – title companies, real estate attorneys, appraisers, due diligence experts, and other real estate professionals.  With these resources we are able to bring you excellent service and are able to close transactions remotely anywhere in the USA. 

We love the unique qualities of land. And because we are steeped in it and focus solely on land day in and day out we have alot of experience in the land world!

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We look forward to the opportunity to work with you! 


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